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Choose the sentence which has a subject and verb that agree the clouds that cover the mood dissipate quickly or harry and joe ran quickly to the bleacher that were without empty seats

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Acentral idea of rousseau's confessions is his belief that he is markedly different from other people. in at least 200 words, explain two ways in which he claims he is different from others, and connect these differences to his writing project in confessions. use details from the text to support your response.
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Check my grammar: dear mr. peter szulczewskisubject: loyal customer’s complainti visited wish. com last month and found a 2-terabyte hard drive for only $69.99, an alive aquarium piranha fish for $7.99 and an unlocked samsung galaxy s9 phone for $599.99. the price of such quality item got me to buy all three of them thinking it is exactly what the description and pictures shows it be. the items arrived today and i am for giving me an actual samsung galaxy s9 for a low price but i got lied about the two other items, i know it doesn't always happen but we are losing our trust everytime it happens. i got 500gb hard drive and a plastic sardine fish. i thought i saved money but a 500-gigabyte hard drive should only be worth $40 and i am ok that they gave me a plastic fish because it is only $8 but they gave me a sardine plastic fish which is a very uninteresting species of fish and i have no use for it. you again for the phone. i like buying in your website and admire the prices you give to your items. i will not ask for a refund for the fish and hard drive but you should tell your sellers to use a truthful descriptions of their products because if they keep deceiving us, you might lose a lot of loyal customers. sincerely, russell john javierloyal customer
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Use the dictionary entry for crude to answer the question crude use context clues to choose the sentence that best uses the fourth definition of the word crude. crude ['krüd) adj from latin crudus 1. the quality of being unchanged from the original state 2. the quality of being primitive or uncultured 3. the quality of being obvious 4. the quality of being rough in execution rather than being subtle, selma was rather crude in the way she conducted herself at the meeting. elijah and his brother quickly built a crude shelter that would keep them warm and dry through the night. thelma's knowledge of art and poetry showed the rest of the diners that she was far from crude. there was oil to be found on the property, but it was crude and would need to be processed. mark this and return save and exit next submit
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Read the excerpt from “to one in paradise,” by edgar allan poe. thou wast all that to me, love . . a fountain and a shrine, all wreathed with fairy fruits and flowers, and all the flowers were mine. how does poe use a sound device in the excerpt? he uses assonance to connect the images of architecture. he uses alliteration to draw attention to the images of his love. he uses cacophony to create a discordant sound of loss. he uses internal rhyme to enhance the rhythm of his lyrical poem.
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Choose the sentence which has a subject and verb that agree the clouds that cover the mood dissipat...

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