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Examination. Please ASAP. Answer all questions.
The National Disaster Management Organisation(NADMO) on Monday went to the aid of people of Fawoman who were badly affected by the flood that hit the farming community last week. the NODMO coordinator of the Brong-Ahafo region, Mr Jones Ampem led a team of government officials to presents relief items worth Ghc20,000.00 cedis to the flood victims.
The relief items included food, clothes, mattresses and tents.
Mrs. Grace Ansu, the assembly member of the area who received who received the relief items on behalf of the victims, thank the government for the timely response to their plight.
1. Who (characters) are involved in the story?
2. Where (setting-place) did the the story take place?
3. When (setting-time) did the story take place?
Fill in the the blanks correctly.
4. what happened (plot)?
(i) There was at Fawoman.
(ii) went to the aid of the people.
(iii) Mr. Jones Ampem led a government delegation to the items worth Ghc20,000.00.
(iv) Mrs. Grace Ansu ___ the items and the .

1. A landscape is a picture of .
2. A person who writes music is called a .
3. Stamp, mono and Styrofoam are three types of .
a) collage b) someone c) printing d) shading.
4. The background in the portion of an art is seen ___ the picture.
a) behind b) in front of c) between d) beneath.
5. The number one rule in art is to keep it ___.
a) appropriate b) nice c) clean d) perfect.

Write the meaning of the following questions used as a guide for 'my house'.
1. Quelles sont les couleurs de ta maison.
2. Quels sont les compartiments de ma maison?
3. il y a quoi autour de ma maison?
4. Que fais tu dans la maison?

I. C.T
1.a) State three features of the desktop screen.
b) What is computer desktop screen?
c) What is a hardware?

R. M.E
1. The removal or destruction of the upper part of the land surface is known .
a)quarrying b)land degradation.
2. God created the sum and moon purposely to .

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Examination. Please ASAP. Answer all questions.
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