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How does the circular flow model represent the interactions between households and firms?

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What does the word precocious mean in this sentence
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What is the theme of the poem, my tongue is divided into two by quique aviles? my tongue is divided into twoby virtue, coincidence or heavenwords jumping out of my mouthstepping on each otherenjoying being a voice for the messageexpecting conclusionsmy tongue is divided into twointo heavy accent bits of confusioninto miracles and accidentssaying things that hurt the heartdrowning in a language that lives, jumps, translatesmy tongue is divided by natureby our crazy desire to triumph and conquerthis tongue is cut up into equal piecesone wants to curse and sing out loudthe other one simply wants to ask for watermy tongue is divided into twoone side likes to partythe other one takes refuge in prayingtongueenglish of the funny soundstonguefunny sounds in englishtonguesounds funny in englishtonguein funny english soundsmy tongue sometimes acts like twoand it goes crazynot knowing which side should be speakingwhich side translatingmy tongue is divided into twoa border patrol runs through the middlefrisking wordsasking for proper identificationchecking for pronunciationmy tongue is divided into twomy tongue is divided into twoi like my tongueit says what feels righti like my tongueit says what feels rightby quique aviles
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Read the following scene from trifles. sheriff (chuckling). married to the law. (moves toward the other room.) i just want you to come in here a minute, george. we ought to take a look at these windows. county attorney (scoffingly). oh, windows! sheriff. we’ll be right out, mr. hale. (hale goes outside. the sheriff follows the county attorney into the other room. then mrs. hale rises, hands tight together, looking intensely at mrs. peters, whose eyes take a slow turn, finally meeting mrs. hale’s. a moment mrs. hale holds her, then her own eyes point the way to where the box is concealed. suddenly mrs. peters throws back quilt pieces and tries to put the box in the bag she is wearing. it is too big. she opens box, starts to take the bird out, cannot touch it, goes to pieces, stands there . sound of a knob turning in the other room. mrs. hale snatches the box and puts it in the pocket of her big coat. enter county attorney and sheriff.) county attorney (facetiously). well, henry, at least we found out that she was not going to quilt it. she was going to—what is it you call it, ladies! mrs. hale (her hand against her pocket). we call it—knot it, mr. henderson. what changes might a director or screenwriter make to the original version of this scene in order to best emphasize the mood? cut dialogue from the scene to make it a more appropriate length update the setting to appeal to a more modern-day audience omit the actions of the characters to avoid confusion and chaos include the use of lighting, camera angles, and sound effects
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Which statement most accurately describes the aesthetic impact of theexcerpt?
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How does the circular flow model represent the interactions between households and firms?...

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