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20. Ishmael's escape out of Sierra Leone involves a bit of luck. All of the following are lucky events that occurred on his journey out of Africa to New York City EXCEPT which one?
While on a bus, Ishmael is mistaken for a man's son who unkowingly pays Ishmael's way at a couple
Aman drops two bags at a checkpoint and Ishmael picks up his bags and walks onto the bus behind
him, bypassing having to pay at a checkpoint he didn't have enough money to make it through
Ishmael is late to the bus depot to get onto the last bus of the week out of Sierra Leone, but the bus
didn't leave on time due to a flat tire, so Ishmael doesn't miss the bus ride,
o Ishmael leaves Africa illegally because he doesn't have his last passport stamp, but he still is able to
somehow make it to New York City,

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20. Ishmael's escape out of Sierra Leone involves a bit of luck. All of the following are lucky eve...

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