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Without changing the meaning, what is the best way to change this compound sentence into two simple sentences? a. she thought about. the crowd it made things worse. b. she thought about the crowd. it made things worse. c. she thought about the crowd it made. things worse. d. she thought. about the crowd it made things worse.

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Edgar allan poe uses many sound devices in his poem "the bells." which two words from the poem are examples of onomatopoeia?
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Ead this sentence from the evolution of useful things. the underlined phrases indicateaaking waterproof sandpaper would allow wet sanding, which in turn would cut down on dust, and thus be a greatmprovementpassing of timea directional change of positiona cause-and-effect relationshipsequence of events. save and exitmark this and retur
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Read the rough-draft paragraph. exercising daily is one of the best ways to the body fight fatigue, illness, stress, and weight gain. whether taking a bike ride, enjoying a walk, or going for a swim, the type of activity is not as important as exercising consistently. often, people begin the new year with the resolution of exercising, but within a few months that commitment is quickly forgotten. the key is to choose something that is accessible, enjoyable, and affordable. exercising just thirty minutes a day not only strengthens the heart and lungs, but it also to boost one’s energy. another way to feel more energized is to eat a balanced diet. since no single food item can supply the body with everything it needs, it is important to eat a variety of foods. so to maintain a long, happy life, get out there and get moving, and enjoy a wide range of healthy meals. which statement best describes the mistake the writer makes in this paragraph?
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In edgar allan poe’s “the raven,” what does the speaker see when he responds to the raven’s tapping by opening the door?
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Without changing the meaning, what is the best way to change this compound sentence into two simple...

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