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Which word has an aspirated stop in its pronunciation? (choose as many as apply)

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Whats the importance of gaining a general understanding of and interpretation of the work of literature. explain what the importance is to me
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Read the passage, then use the explanation to infer the meaning of the word predominant. the novel was so popular that it was eventually added to a list of books that every ninth grader had to read. it became the predominant work of literature. what is the most likely definition of the word predominant?
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Read this excerpt from we’ve got a job: the 1963 children’s march. though connor was commissioner of public safety, blacks knew that it wasn't their health and safety he intended to protect. and he certainly didn't put out their fires. between the late 1940s and early 1960s, more than fifty black homes and churches in birmingham were bombed. one neighborhood was hit so often, it was called "dynamite hill." no one was ever prosecuted, even when the police could identify the bombers. what is the tone of the excerpt? inquisitive sentimental apologetic scornful
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What does robinson find out about his family when he returns to england? a. they are dead except for one brother. c. they moved away from england years ago. b. they are not overjoyed to see him alive. d. they are dead except his 2 sisters.
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Which word has an aspirated stop in its pronunciation? (choose as many as apply)...

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