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as used in line 6 ("challenged") , "challenged" most nearly means choose 1 dared. required. disputed with. competed with.

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Exit in which of the following passages from the text is the author's motif of displacement and separation most evident? a. "in these ways it was a typical wartime departure, full of proud smiles and half-concealed worry." b. "it upheld the army's decision to limit the movements of a racially select group of citizens." c. "once the first year's turmoil cooled down, the authorities started letting us outside…" d. "if anything made that country habitable it was the mountains themselves…"
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In at least 150 words, discuss the comparison described in the figurative language and how the connotative language reinforces the symbol. be sure to include a definition if your terms
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What does the narrator do in this passage to increase suspense and encourage the reader to continue reading
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5. it was "illegal" to aid and comfort a jew in hitler's germany. but i am sure that, if i had lived in germany during that time, i would have aided and comforted my jewish brothers even though it was illegal. • type of figurative language • meaning of figurative language: effect on tone and mood: effect on audience
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as used in line 6 ("challenged") , "challenged" most nearly means choose 1 dared. required. dispute...

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