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In "casabianca," why doesn't the boy's father tell him to leave?

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Jana wants to score her own essay using a rubric. she finds that she has not supported her main idea, “solar power is economical,” with relevant facts. she needs to correct a couple of spelling errors, and there are a few sentences that are not focused on the topic. what is her score on this essay using the rubric? a . 1 b . 2 c . 3 d . 0
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Based on the context of each quote from incidents in the life of a slave girl by harriet ann jacobs, find the word that most closely matches thedenotation of the bolded word​
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4. at the conclusion of frankenstein, robert walton has an encounter with the monster, who arrives after victor frankenstein has died. perhaps surprisingly, the monster mourns his creator and expresses remorse over the fate that victor suffered. the monster pledges to destroy himself and then departs, disappearing as he goes further north. how does the monster’s behavior and attitude in this part of the novel affect the way readers view him? is he sympathetic? is he more hateful because it is only after victor has died that he relents? how does the change in the monster fit with the theme of duality in the novel?
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Javier is writing a literary analysis of the secret garden. read this introduction to his essay. frances burnett’s “the secret garden” explores the challenges of a sickly, self-centered little girl named mary lennox. after mary’s parents die of cholera, she moves from india to england to live at her uncle’s estate in yorkshire. while living at the old estate, mary discovers an abandoned garden that belonged to her deceased aunt. tending to the neglected garden brings mary joy, and her health improves. through mary’s transformation, burnett presents nature as a symbol of rebirth and healing. which piece of textual evidence should javier use to support the claim made in the introduction? a. “‘it’s in the garden no one can go into,’ she said to herself. ‘it’s the garden without a door. he lives in there. how i wish i could see what it is like! ’” b. “in india she had always felt hot and too languid to care much about anything. the fact was that the fresh wind from the moor had begun to blow the cobwebs out of her young brain and to waken her up a little.” c. “mary felt lonelier than ever when she knew she was no longer in the house. she went out into the garden as quickly as possible, and the first thing she did was to run round and round the fountain flower garden ten times.” d. “‘it isn’t a quite dead garden,’ she cried out softly to herself. ‘even if the roses are dead, there are other things alive.’”
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In "casabianca," why doesn't the boy's father tell him to leave?...

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