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What can the reader assume the central idea of the text is based on the title: the grim end of the odyssey? a) the trip was a successful expedition that ended the slave trade. b) the trip never actually took place. c) the trip was not successful and ended in disaster for those involved. d) the trip was postponed and never resumed. what is the meaning of the word, unprecedented, as used below? it was then that the society for the extinction of the slave trade and the civilization of africa, headed by prince albert, the husband of queen victoria, launched an unprecedented attempt to eradicate slavery at its origin. the ambitious plan was to win or buy the cooperation of the tribal chieftains along the river niger through a series of treaties, as well as introduce christianity and increase commerce a) unremarkable b) repeated c) first-time d) odd

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What can the reader assume the central idea of the text is based on the title: the grim end of the...

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