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Which of the following best describes the tone of the story? angry serious humorous judgmental

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What explicit idea is expressed in this sentence? the coast guard warns swimmers about dangerous waters. the kids were too busy trying to reach the boy to realize they were being watched. other swimmers earlier in the summer did not have a warning. the beach was not watched by the coast guard.
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The ancient greek poet. homer, is credited with writing the odyssey. however, scholars still debate whether homer wrote the entire epic. what is the main reason for this uncertainty? o some sections of the epic are written in different poetic styles and forms. most ancient greeks could not read or write, so the epic was first written in latin ob och storytellers repeated the epic aloud for centuries before it was ever written down. od the epic was a fictional account, so the identity of its author may have been fictionalized as well.
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Me ! select the correct answer. in his essay "civil disobedience," henry david thoreau wrote "that government is best which governs least." which answer best shows how this motto reflects transcendentalist principles? a. an ideal government does not exist, so anarchy is best for a nation. b. citizens require the government to define the difference between right and wrong. c. government can act as an impediment to the will and morality of individual men. d. an ideal nation is one that is not governed by a monarchy or dictatorship. e. government on a large scale is inefficient and should be managed at the state level.
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In the excerpt above, what can be inferred by the statement, "the dillingham had been flung to the breeze during aformer period of prosperity.? ​
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Which of the following best describes the tone of the story? angry serious humorous judgmental...

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