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Which of the following is not an effect of land substance

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Law is civil law based on islamic beliefs. a. sunni b. shiite c. sharia d. secular select the best answer from the choices provided. a b c d
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Why is the price of rice so important? a. rice prices must be kept within reach of the poorest peopleb. rice prices must make a large profit or no one will grow itc. rice prices impact the cost of fruits and vegetables on neighboring farmsb. rice prices have no real importance other than to large corporations
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Why is the indus river so important to the people of pakistan?
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In a short paragraph, describe your hometown in terms of its population and impact. do you live in a town or a city? is your home a higher-order or lower-order settlement? how does your hometown interact with other towns in its region? (houston)
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Which of the following is not an effect of land substance...

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