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Which continents have tropical climate

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What is the earth matial ot igneous rock
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City 24-hr average yearly temperature in ºc total yearly precipitation in mm minsk, belarus (former ussr) (53° n, 27° e) shanghai, china (31° n, 121° e) baltimore city, usa (39° n, 76° w) helsinki, finland (60° n, 24° e) banff, canada (51° n, 115° w) kuala lumpur, malaysia (3° n 101° e) 26.5 2393.6 buenos aires, argentina (34° s, 58° w) jakarta, indonesia (6° s, 106° e) questions 1. what factor contributes most to the warm climate of kuala lumpur? 2. banff and minsk are located at similar latitudes. what could account for banff’s average yearly temperature being lower than minsk’s? 3. which city’s climate is most similar to jakarta, baltimore or kuala lumpur? explain your answer. 4. shanghai and buenos aires have located thousands of miles apart and in different hemispheres, yet their climates are similar. what reasoning could explain this?
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The chemical or mechanical process by which rock is gradually broken down eventually becoming soil
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Most tornadoes carry winds speeds in a range of km per hour
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