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5 reasons for irrigation in agriculture

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Scientists think that convection currents flow in earth’s a. continents. b. mantle. c. lithosphere. d. inner core.
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All of the following are reasons why deserts extremely susceptible to wind erosion except a. they lack major root systems b. they contain thin, dry soil c. they have very few plants and trees d. they are extremely hot and lack water
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Which is an accurate description of the physical characteristics of poland? its fertile soil is found only along riverbanks, and its mountainous region in the northwest has few mineral resources. it is mostly flat with fertile soil except in the east and northeast, and the mountainous region in the south has large deposits of coal and copper. it is covered with thick forests, and it has large reserves of coal, petroleum, and natural gas. its landscape is dominated by plateaus, mountains, and high ridges, and it has large deposits of sulfur and copper in the northeast.
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Which area is it likely to find the most population in an urban areaa rural area a suburban area
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5 reasons for irrigation in agriculture...

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