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What is this translation? apfelsamen sind für die meisten vögel giftig, nehmen zum beispiel die conure

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Vogel, inc., an s corporation for five years, distributes a tract of land held as an investment to jamari, its majority shareholder. the land waspurchased for $45,000 ten years ago and is currently worth $120,000. a. as a result of the distribution, what is vogel’s recognized capital gain? how much is reported as a distribution to shareholders? b. what is the net effect of the distribution on vogel’s aaa? c. assume instead that the land had been purchased for $120,000 and was currently worth $45,000. how much would vogel recognize as a loss? what would be the net effect on vogel’s aaa? what would be jamari’s basis in the land?
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Only five questions! needed! 8. der a)bist alt b)sind alt c)sieht alt aus d)saht alt aus 9)die a)hat blondhaarig b)bist blondhaarig c)sind blondhaarig d)ist blondhaarig 10)die a)hat gelp b)ist gelb c)bist geld d)sind gelt 11)die alten a)ist alt b)sind interssant c)sein drumm d)seid stark 12)paula und marie a)sehen schlank aus b)sein alt c)haben schon d)ist neu
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Read each question carefully. choose the best word or phrase to complete each statement. der a- bist alt b- sind alt. c- seiht alt aus. d- seht alt aus die a- hat blondhaarig b- bist blondhaar c- sind blondhaarig d- ist blondhaarig die a- hat gelp. b- ist gelb c- bist geld. d- sind gelt die alten a- ist alt. b- sind interessant. c- sein dumm. d- seid stark. paula und a- sehen schlank aus b- sein alt. c- haben schön. d- ist neu
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December 3 – vogel corporation sold inventory on account to hatcher corp. for $492,000, terms 1/10, n/30. this inventory originally cost vogel $309,000. december 8 – hatcher corp. returned inventory to vogel corporation for a credit of $3,200. vogel returned this inventory to inventory at its original cost of $2,010. december 12 – hatcher corp. paid vogel corporation for the amount owed. required: prepare the journal entries to record these transactions on the books of vogel corporation. what is the amount of net sales to be reported on vogel corporation’s income statement? what is the vogel corporation’s gross profit percentage?
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What is this translation? apfelsamen sind für die meisten vögel giftig, nehmen zum beispiel die con...

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