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Is there anyway to stop feeling like you are going to throw up?

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Suppose that the weight of male babies less than 2 months old is normally distributed with mean 11.5 pounds and standard deviation 2.7 pounds. what proportion of babies weigh between 9.05 pounds and 14.41 pounds?
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An 81-year-old man and avid reader had a mild stroke from which he eventually recovered. he did have some residual signs and symptoms, however, such as: - right-sided homonymous hemianopia (i. e. loss of vision on the right half of the visual field in each eye) - alexia ("dyslexia"), the inability to read, which greatly frustrated this man - loss of sensation on the skin on the right side of the body why was this man unable to see the right half of his field of vision?
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Which of the following is not a possible cause of conduction deafness? a) cochlear nerve degeneration b) middle ear infection c) impacted cerumen d) otosclerosis
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Viruses use the host's machinery to make copies of themselves. however, some human viruses require a type of replication that humans do not normally have. for example, humans normally do not have the ability to convert rna into dna. how can these types of viruses infect humans, when human cells cannot perform a particular role that the virus requires? a) the virus causes mutations in the human cells, resulting in the formation of new enzymes that are capable of performing these roles. b) the viral genome codes for specialized enzymes not in the host. c) the virus infects only those cells and species that can perform all the replication roles necessary. d) viruses can stay in a quiescent state until the host cell evolves this ability.
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Is there anyway to stop feeling like you are going to throw up?...

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