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Which word describes the term vaccines?

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Which term describes a situation in which the president gives a job, such as ambassador, to one of his or her major supporters --which word describes abilities not given to the president by the constitution but which presidents have claimed? --which word means the act of extending or renewing a law? -- which term describes a presidential directive that has the force of law without needing the approval of congress? (inherent powers, executive order, reauthorize, political patronage)
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which statement is false regarding cancer vaccines? cancer vaccines can prevent the spread of some cancers. doctors give cancer vaccines to people with certain kinds of cancer. cancer vaccines prevent infection with bacteria and viruses that cause cancer. cancer vaccines prevent the reoccurrence of certain types of cancer.
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4. plants that are genetically engineered to produce vaccines – a. create vaccines that are more expensive than traditional vaccinesb. make it easier to create increased supplies of vaccines at lower costs c. could make vaccine distribution harderd. b and c​
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Which scientific information most likely lead to school districts requiring vaccines? some required vaccines have side effects. some people prefer not to vaccinate their children. vaccines prevent diseases and can improve a school’s safety. vaccines were invented by edward jenner to treat smallpox.
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Which word describes the term vaccines?...

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