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How are clusters of information related to schemas ?

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When studying heredity, what is the relationship of dna based and traits? super urgent !
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Iwill mark you brainlest if you answer this question
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Hi! i’m not sure if i’m right can someone : ) deborah is attempting to understand her personality type and preferences in order to decide on her future profession. which personality assessment is most likely to give her the information she desires? a. big five test b. myers-briggs type indicator (mbt) [i think it’s this one not sure] c. thematic apperception test (tat) d. minnesota multiphasic personality imventory (mmpi-2)
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When writing fitness goals we encourage using the smart method. what does s-m-a-r-t stand for? use full sentences to explain what each letter stands for in their goals setting process.
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How are clusters of information related to schemas ?...

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