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¿what challenges did jackson had to shut down the bank?

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Write this for me it only has to be about 3 sentences : )
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Why was america’s victory at yorktown among the most significant battles of the american revolution? a. it made the british realize they were fighting a lost cause and soon after, they conceded the war. b. it forced colonists who had so far remained neutral to pick a side and enlist in the war. c. it the continental army remove all british barracks from new jersey. d. it secure france’s military and financial aid for the american cause. e.
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Marine exptoration of oil uses seismic waves to locate oil in the seabed. what is a negative impact from seismic waves on the aquatic ecosystem of the ocean? a. seismic waves kill microoganisms b. seismic waves disrupts the sand and causes seafloor erosion c. seismic waves have virtually no adverse affects on marine life d. seismic waves damage the sonar that dolphins and whales use to orient themselves underwater
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What do you think can happen to sa and food supply if this bill can come into effect
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¿what challenges did jackson had to shut down the bank?...

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