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What side of the american civil war would you choose to fight for and why

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One day as your professor is driving to work, another driver runs through a red light and hits his car. the professor is shaken up but survives the accident. however, the next time he starts to enter the intersection, he becomes nervous and fearful. soon, he starts going to work via another route to avoid the intersection even though this route adds twenty minutes to his commute in each direction. according to the principles of classical conditioning, why does the professor become scared of the previously harmless intersection? what can he do about this, as going via other route is very time consuming? be specific. break down the situation into its parts and show how the principles of learning apply.
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The holocaust of world war ii resulted in a) the nazis effectively used propaganda to gain and hold power in germany. b) ethnic regimes carried out mass devastation. c) deporting all european jews to the island of madagascar. d) the systematic mass slaughter of european jews and and others in nazi concentration camps during world war ii.
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Then write 1-2 paragraphs describing one individual you believe has made a significant contribution to florida and united states history. in your response, explain why this individual's contribution was significant.
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Which group subjected to immigration responded to the red scare and believed white protestants we’re better than others
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What side of the american civil war would you choose to fight for and why...

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