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Why did the fighting go on after the armistice was signed

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Rivalries between european imperialist powers and the growth of european militaries contributed to which outcome in the early 20th century? o a. many european powers were eager to go to war with one another. o b. european states became less concerned about controlling overseas empires. o c. small countries became more willing to join powerful empires. o d. the alliance system that maintained a balance of power in europe broke down.
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Which of the following is one of franklin delano roosevelt's new deal programs?
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Will have the greatest effect on human health. pollution in the a. troposphere b. stratosphere mesosphere d. thermosphere
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Based on the map, which statement best describes the neighborhood of washington heights? (2 points) washington heights is a gated community. people of many ethnicities live in washington heights. restrictive covenants prevent most people from living in washington heights. dominicans have gentrified washington heights. washington heights is a dominican enclave.
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Why did the fighting go on after the armistice was signed...

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