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Which of the following was used in the salem witch trials

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Which is more important in determining the format in which recordings are offered by the music industry, new technology or consumer sovereignty? explain.
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Which of these statements best describes the court's ruling in new jersey v tlo? students are not protected under the fourth amendment. students are protected from unreasonable search and seizure, the fourth amendment was found to be unreasonable, every time a student is searched, a police officer must be present.
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Jacksonian democracy promoted new methods of political campaigning. one such technique was mudslinging. what was its effect on the presidential candidates?
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Do some research to further analyze the impact of the industrial revolution. look for information that describes both the positive and negative effects of the industrial revolution. you can use the websites listed below to conduct your research. the first three websites provide descriptions of working conditions during the industrial revolution. the last website describes technological advances of the era. if you like, look for other sites that provide information on the topic.1. 2. 3. ~histwhs/h114.dir/h114.webreader/h1 14.read. m.mines. html4.
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Which of the following was used in the salem witch trials...

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