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What affected the second industrial revolution have on transportation

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Cheap land, gold, and hope for a better life attracted people westward. traveling and starting a new life were difficult. most people faced many hardships, including loneliness. however, the west was a place where many cultures met and mixed with each other. it still is today. newspaper headlines attracted people to the west. advertisements promised great opportunities. some american folk songs, like "clementine," however, gave a more real idea of the journey and life there. imagine you live in either california or oregon in 1862. your advertisement may be: •song lyrics •text for a newspaper advertisement write your song or advertisement. include this information: •why people should go •where they should go •how to get there •what to bring •what life will be like •who they may meet •possible dangers you should be creative and persuasive in your advertisement, but also honest.
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Which of the following is an effect that constantine's conversion to christianity had on the roman empire?
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How did the protestant reformation and scientific revolution advance individualism and liberal reforms?
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Describe the views of the federalists. how did they feel about ratifying the constitution.
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What affected the second industrial revolution have on transportation...

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