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Progressive muslims typically support all of the following for women, except

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Whose writings were the source of the idea that people have a right to abolish and replace a government that violates their natural rights?
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Aman wearing warm clothes in a cold place would be an example of how humans adapt to their environment. affect their environment. can change their environment. choose where to live.
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Why did noli me tangere have such a big impression on the narrator? ​
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Which statement describes the central idea of the text? a. while the nigerian government has the wealth to improve the conditions in prisons, they continue to view it as a low priority. b. nigerian prisons neglect the physical and mental health of their prisoners by failing to provide them with basic necessities and services. c. the inhuman conditions in nigerian prisons could easily be improved, but the environment is considered part of prisoners' punishment. d. conditions in nigerian prisons are slowly improving as non-government organizations and citizens are providing much-needed equipment to the prisons.
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Progressive muslims typically support all of the following for women, except...

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