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What two things are being compared in this epic simile (the odysseus)

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First one to answer get the !which of the following statements about egypt’s resources and economy is not true? the suez canal is one of the world’s busiest waterways. egypt’s only farmland is located in the nile river valley and delta. egypt’s unemployment rate is low, and most egyptians have little trouble finding work within the country. egypt’s economy depends mostly on agriculture, petroleum exports, and tourism.
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Who believed that the best economic system was on in which businesses compete to gain profit with minimal or no government control
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Two gymnastics teams are intense rivals. the first team has started recruiting new gymnasts from different cities and even foreign countires in an effort to build a stronger team. after learning this, the secondteam begins its own recruitment campaign to find better gymnasts. over a period of months, each team recruits dozens of players, each time trying to find a better recruit than its rivals most recent addition. which idea from the cold war is most similar to this scenario
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What do most climatologists see as a major cause of rising global temperatures? a. earth's closer proximity to the sun due to its gravitational pull b. greenhouse gases produced by burning fossil fuels c. rising ocean levels caused by melting polar ice sheets d. water pollution cause by industrial waste
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What two things are being compared in this epic simile (the odysseus)...

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