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How does the establishment clause of the first amendment protect the freedom of religion

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The most remarkable thing about life in the trenches is the incredible number of rats. the whole area is infested with them. no matter what you did, you can't keep them out. they get incredibly fat on all the food they steal from us. they are revolting to look at - some are the size of cats. background information: this is a journal entry from a soldier fighting on the western front. which statement best describes how this soldier felt about the trench rats? a.) he was disgusted by them. b.) he thought they were . c.) he thought they were annoying. d.) he thought they were cute.
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Which factor best suggests a cause for the urban problems shown in this table? (3 points) increasing discriminatory housing practices shifting population density gradients over time declining urban renewal efforts by city governments declining basic employment sector in industrial cities increasing gentrification efforts in the inner cities
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When president johnson vetoed a law that would extend the freedmen’s bureau, congress reacted by supporting the veto and closing the freedmen’s bureau. writing a new law to show support for the black codes. overriding the veto and expanding the agency’s powers. drafting a law to prevent african americans from voting.
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How did great depression affect germany and the soviet union differently
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How does the establishment clause of the first amendment protect the freedom of religion...

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