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Read the passage and answer the question below. "Around 7,000 years ago, agriculture emerged in Mesoamerica, including the domestication of maize, beans, and squash, causing major changes in the plants that people cultivated. Three sisters agriculture had spread across Mexico by 3,500 years ago, though they originated at different times."
-Source: Amanda J. Landon, anthropologist, "The 'How' of the Three Sisters," 2008
Why was this method of planting important?
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(Choice A)
These three crops mutually supported each other's growth, a system that spread from present-day Mexico northward into the present-day American Southwest.

(Choice B)
These three were “cash crops” for societies like the Iroquois and Susquehannocks, as these were the only commodity they could sell to the English to fund their Confederacy

(Choice C)
These three crops were arranged ceremonially so that they could be used for religious purposes as offerings for the gods

(Choice D)
These three crops attracted wild turkeys and other wild game, which made hunting easier for more sedentary communities.

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Read the passage and answer the question below. "Around 7,000 years ago, agriculture emerged in Me...

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