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The graph of a quadratic function has a maximum at point (0, 5). the graph contains the point (2, 1). what is another point on the graph?

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Adaylily farm sells a portion of their daylilies and allows a portion to grow and divide. the recursive formula an=1.5(an-1)-100 represents the number of daylilies, a, after n years. after the fifth year, the farmers estimate they have 2225 daylilies. how many daylilies were on the farm after the first year?
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Parallelagram p was dilated to form parallelagram p'. what is the value of x? ​
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Given: lines a and b are parallel and line c is a transversal. prove: 2 is supplementary to 8 what is the missing reason in the proof? statement reason 1. a || b, is a transv 1. given 2. ∠6 ≅ ∠2 2. ? 3. m∠6 = m∠2 3. def. of congruent 4. ∠6 is supp. to ∠8 4. def. of linear pair 5. ∠2 is supp. to ∠8 5. congruent supplements theorem corresponding angles theorem alternate interior angles theorem vertical angles theorem alternate exterior angles theorem
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The graph of a quadratic function has a maximum at point (0, 5). the graph contains the point (2, 1)...

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