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Solve the equation. then check your solution 8=1.88+a

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Describe the symmetry of the figure. identify lines of symmetry, if any. find the angle and the order of any rotational symmetry.
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If the dimensions of a rectangular prism are 5 ft x 3.5 ft x 2 ſt, what is the surface area? ​
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Players on the school soccer team are selling candles to raise money for an upcoming trip. each player has 24 candles to sell. if a player sells 4 candles a profit of$30 is made. if he sells 12 candles a profit of $70 is made. determine an equation to model his situation?
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D(5, 7). e(4,3), and f(8, 2) form the vertices of a triangle. what is mzdef? oa. 30° ob. 45° oc. 60° od 90°
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Solve the equation. then check your solution 8=1.88+a...

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