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What is the 12th term of b(n)=-4-2(n-1)

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Each term of a sequence, after the first term, is inversely proportional to the term preceding it, and the constant of proportionality stays the same. if the first term is 2 and the second term is 5, what is the 12th term?
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Find the 12th term for the arithmetic sequence: 2, 8, 14, 20, 26,…. (hint: find the explicit rule and then use it to find the 12th term. an=a1+(n−1)d ) question 4 options: 72 6 68 -4
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In a geometric progression ,the sum of 3rd and 4th term is 108. if the sum of the 4th and 5th term is 324, determine the: common ratio, first term and the 12th term.​
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What is the 12th term of b(n)=-4-2(n-1)...

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