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Write the following as a base and exponent

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Marco has $38.43 dollars in his checking account. his checking account is linked to his amazon music account so he can buy music. the songs he purchases cost $1.29. part 1: write an expression to describe the amount of money in his checking account in relationship to the number of songs he purchases. part 2: describe what the variable represents in this situation.
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The number of branches on a tree demonstrates the fibonacci sequence. how many branches would there be on the next two levels of this tree? 13 | | | m branches
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The cost of a taxi ride includes an initial charge of $2.00. if a 5km ride cost $6.00 and a 10km ride cost $10.00, determine the cost of a 15km ride.
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Aline has a slope of negative 1/4 the past two points -5/4 and 1 what is the equation of the line
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