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41/2 - 1 1/3 what is the answer as a fraction?

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Δabc is reflected across line l to form δ alblcl, and a¯¯¯al¯¯¯¯ intersects line l at point d. which equation is not necessarily true?
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Mozart lenses inc. recently introduced seelites, a thinner lens for eyelasses. of a sample of 800 eyeglass wearers, 246 said they would purchases their next pair of eyeglasses with the new lenses. lenses inc. estimates that the number of people who purchase eyeglasses in a year is 1,700,000. most eyeglasses wearer buy one new pair of eyeglasses a year. what is the annual sales potential for the new lenses.
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If a is a nonzero real number then the reciprocal of a is
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How do i put 3(x+7) in distributive property
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41/2 - 1 1/3 what is the answer as a fraction?...

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