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Part a : solve -vp + 40 < 65 for v part b : solve 7w - 3r = 15 for r show your work .

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How do businesses a country's economy? a. by investing in goods and services b. by increasing the unemployment rate c. by making profits
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The rectangular floor of a restaurant is 56 feet in length and 40 feet in width. a scale drawing of the floor has a length of 7 inches. what is the area, in square inches, of the floor in the scale drawing?
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Me! i will mark brainlist! i am completely lost! mrs. hudson plans to give a 10 question multiple choice exam in which each question has 4 options. each question counts for 1 point. a score of 8 or more is a passing score while 7 or less is a failing score. 1. compute the probability of answering eight or more questions correctly by calculating the probability with a direct some m by using complements. 2. how do the two approaches compare? 3. tyler wants to pass his exam, should he study?
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Part a : solve -vp + 40 < 65 for v part b : solve 7w - 3r = 15 for r show your work ....

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