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Which is equivalent to 450b^9 after it has been simplified completely

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Data are collected to see how many ice-cream cones are sold at a ballpark in a week. day 1 is sunday and day 7 is the following saturday. use the data from the table to create a scatter plot.
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A33 gram sample of a substance that's used to detect explosives has a k-value of 0.1473. n = noekt no = initial mass (at time t = 0) n = mass at time t k = a positive constant that depends on the substance itself and on the units used to measure time t = time, in days
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Hardest math question of all time can you solve the equation. check for extraneous solutions.9∣9-8x∣ = 2x+3
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Find the least common multiple of the expressions: 1. 3x^2, 6x - 18 2. 5x, 5x(x +2) 3. x^2 - 9, x + 3 4. x^2 - 3x - 10, x + 2 explain if possible
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Which is equivalent to 450b^9 after it has been simplified completely...

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