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Given f(x) = x − 7 and g(x) = x2 . find g(f( g(f(4))

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Anthony is making a collage for his art class my picking shapes randomly. he has five squares, two triangles, two ovals, and four circles. find p( circle is chosen first)
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Paula completely covered a square wall using 115.5ft2 of wallpaper without any overlap. which measurement is closest to the side length of this wall in feet? a.22ft b.29ft c.11ft d.7ft
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Afamily of five rents a kayak and splits the total time, k, equally. each family member spent less than 25 minutes kayaking. which values can be used to complete the math sentence below so that it accurately represents the situation? intro done
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If the cost to mail a package is an initial $5 and $0.28 for every pound the total cost to mail a package was $11.27, how much did the package weigh?
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Given f(x) = x − 7 and g(x) = x2 . find g(f( g(f(4))...

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