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What is the simplified form of x + 8/3x + 7 + x +7/x+4

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In trapezoid efgh, m∠hef=(4x2+16)∘ and m∠gfe=(5x2+12)∘. find the value of x so that efgh is isosceles.
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Which expressions are equivalent to -6 + 3m
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The table shows the total distance that myra runs over different time periods. which describes myra’s distance as time increases? increasing decreasing zero constant
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Listed in the table is the percentage of students who enjoy different types of music. rap - 32% country - 35% pop - 22% classical - 11% use the table to determine the measure of the central angle you would draw to represent pop music in a circle graph.
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What is the simplified form of x + 8/3x + 7 + x +7/x+4...

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