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Whats transformation is represented by the rule (p, q) to (q, p)?

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10% of 1,900,000. show me how you got the answer
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Which sentence uses an objective tone? we will plant the best garden of any school in the area. the new campus garden will surely be envied by other schools. a garden would provide numerous benefits to the students. you will probably agree that gardens have many benefits.
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If 2(a^2+b^2)=(a+b)^2 then, > a+b=0, > ab=0, > a=b, > 2a=b
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R(1,3) s(3,1) t(5,2) is the traingle of which one scalene, isosceles, or equilititeral
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Whats transformation is represented by the rule (p, q) to (q, p)?...

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