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(write as unit rate) 12 meters in 28 seconds

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The number of electoral votes each state is assigned is determined by the size of its population every ten years. the chart shows the number of electoral votes california was assigned each decade of the past century. what is the 3rd quartile of the data?
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If 1/2+2/5s=s-3/4,what is the value of s? a. s=3/4 b. s=25/12 c. s=-25/12 d. s=-3/4
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Acarabiner is a key piece of equipment for a mountain climber. kneisl's mountain adventures store is having a sale on carabiners. during the sale, you can buy 4 carabiners for $29.60. what is the unit price of the carabiners?
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Find parametric equations for the line tangent to the curve of intersection of the surfaces at the given point. ​surfaces: xsquared2plus+2yplus+2zequals=1212 yequals=33 ​point: left parenthesis 1 comma 3 comma five halves right parenthesis
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(write as unit rate) 12 meters in 28 seconds...

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