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Me solve this equation 2/3 + 4 equals -2

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Given the statements, "a square root of 16 is 4," and "a square root of 9 is -3," complete the following blanks with the correct truth-values. p is and q is , so the statement, "a square root of 16 is 4 or a square root of 9 is -3" is .
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Abike shop sells you a bicycle for $63 and a helmet for $21. the total cost is 150% of what the shop spent originally. how much did the shop spend originally? how much profit did the bike shop earn by selling the bicycle and helmet to you ?
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Me asap! what is the slope of this line? enter your answer in the box.
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The length of a shadow of the building is 36m. the length of the pole, which is perpendicular to the ground, is 1.9m. the length of the pole's shadow is 1.52m. what is the height of the building?
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Me solve this equation 2/3 + 4 equals -2...

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