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Which statement is true about the given information? bd = bc bc = be bd ≅ ce bc ≅ bd

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Use this data in the problem below. follow the steps carefully. round to the nearest tenth. lot 3: week 1: 345 week 2: 340 week 3: 400 week 4: 325 step 1. jim enters the data and calculates the average or mean. step 2. jim calculates the deviation from the mean by subtracting the mean from each value. step 3. jim squares each deviation to remove negative signs. step 4. jim sums the squares of each deviation and divides by the count for the variance. step 5. jim takes the square root of the variance to find the standard deviation.
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Which of the following expressions are equivalent ?
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Write two subtraction equations that are equivalent to 5 + 12 = 17.
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Suppose sat writing scores are normally distributed with a mean of 497 and a standard deviation of 109. a university plans to award scholarships to students whose scores are in the top 2%. what is the minimum score required for the scholarship? round your answer to the nearest whole number, if necessary.
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Which statement is true about the given information? bd = bc bc = be bd ≅ ce bc ≅ bd...

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