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Use the equation and type the ordered-pairs. y = 2 ^x

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Use multiples to write two fractions equivalent to 7/9. 14/18, 8/10 6/8, 21/27 10/12, 28/36 14/18, 21/27
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Amajor grocery store chain is trying to cut down on waste. currently, they get peaches from two different distributors, whole fruits and green grocer. out of a two large shipments, the manager randomly selects items from both suppliers and counts the number of items that are not sell-able due to bruising, disease or other problems. she then makes a confidence interval. is there a significant difference in the quality of the peaches between the two distributors? 95% ci for pw-pg: (0.064, 0.156)
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Abug travels all the way around a circular path in 30 minutes, travelling at 62.84 inches per hour. what is the radius of the circular path? ​
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Math question.. plz me .. best answer all
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Use the equation and type the ordered-pairs. y = 2 ^x...

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