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Kilgore trout creates a new scale to diagnose depression. however, his scale only assesses one symptom of depression while ignoring others. which of the following is his new scale most likely lacking? a) test-retest reliability b) discriminant validity c) criterion validity d) alternate-forms reliability e) content validity f) none of the above

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Acanadian study measuring depression level in teens (as reported in the journal of adolescence, vol. 25, 2002) randomly sampled 112 male teens and 101 female teens, and scored them on a common depression scale (higher score representing more depression). the researchers suspected that the mean depression score for male teens is higher than for female teens, and wanted to check whether data would support this hypothesis. if u1 and u2 represent the mean depression score for male teens and female teens respectively, which of the following is the appropriate pair of hypotheses in this case? a. h0: u1-u2=0ha: u1-u2< 0b. h0: u1-u2> 0ha: u1-u2=0c. h0: u1=u2ha: u1> u2d. h0: u1-u2=0ha: u1-u2> 0
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Erika has been prescribed isotretinoin (accutane) by her dermatologist and is presenting to her primary care provider with symptoms of sadness and depression. a beck's depression scale indicates she has mild to moderate depression. what would be the best care for her at this point?
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"bullying," according to noted expert dan olweus, "poisons the educational environment and affects the learning of every child." bullying and victimization are evident as early as preschool, with the problem peaking in middle school. suppose you are interested in the emotional well-being of not only the victims but also bystanders, bullies, and those who bully but who are also victims (bully-victims). you decide to measure depression in a group of bullies and a group of bully-victims using an 18-item, 5-point depression scale. assume scores on the depression scale are normally distributed and that the variances of the depression scores are the same among bullies and bully-victims. the group of 39 bullies scored an average of 51.6 with a sample standard deviation of 9 on the depression scale. the group of 31 bully-victims scored an average of 45.2 with a sample standard deviation of 12 on the same scale. you do not have any presupposed assumptions about whether bullies or bully-victims will be more depressed, so you formulate the null and alternative hypotheses as: h 0 : μ bullies – μ bully-victims = 0 h 1 : μ bullies – μ bully-victims ≠ 0 you conduct an independent-measures t test. given your null and alternative hypotheses, this is a test. to use the distributions tool to find the rejection region, you first need to set the degrees of freedom. the degrees of freedom is .
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Dr. gonzalez devised a new scale to measure depressive symptoms of hispanic females. to be sure that his test is actually measuring depressive symptoms, he will have his test group respond to his new instrument and the beck depression inventory, as well as completing a social desirability scale, which should be unrelated to depression. dr. gonzalez is ​
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Kilgore trout creates a new scale to diagnose depression. however, his scale only assesses one sympt...

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