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Arestaurant manager wanted to get a better understanding of the tips her employees earn, so she decided to record the number of patrons her restaurant receives over the course of a week, as well as how many of those patrons left tips of at least 15%. the data she collected is in the table below. day mon tue wed thu fri sat sun patrons 126 106 103 126 153 165 137 tippers 82 87 93 68 91 83 64 which day of the week has the lowest experimental probability of patrons tipping at least 15%? a. sunday b. saturday c. friday d. thursday

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Jennifer used 2/7 of a meter of ribbon for her cousins
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Atruck can be rented from company a $50 a day plus $0.60 per mile. company b charges $20 a day plus $0.80 per mile to rent the same truck. find the number of miles in a day at which the rental costs for company a and company b are the same
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The mean average cost of standard room per night at a hostel is ? 20.60. therefore, how much does a standard room cost per night at night-time rest days?
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Grace is a 70-year old woman who paid the utility bill online for the first time. she called her bank's customer service center to make sure she had done the transaction successfully. but the voice recording repeatedly played a message that all representatives were busy, which irked grace. which factor would make grace not recommend the bank to others? a. absence of technology b. lack of accessibility c. lack of financial products d. poor reputation
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Arestaurant manager wanted to get a better understanding of the tips her employees earn, so she deci...

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