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What is the area of a parallelogram with vertices (0,0), (4,5), (10,7), ans (6,2)?

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Which measurement is the most precise? a) 29 cm b) 28.8 cm eliminate c) 28.76 cm d) 28.762 cm
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Lia's bedroom is rectangular. the length of one wall of lia's bedroom is 8 feet. the length from one corner of the bedroom to the diagonally opposite corner is 17 feet. what is the length of the other wall?
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Evaluate negative p -2 are when p equals -33q equals five in our equals eight
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Ahouse and a lot together cost more then $89,000. the house costs $1000 more than seven times the cost of a lot. how much does the lot ost
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What is the area of a parallelogram with vertices (0,0), (4,5), (10,7), ans (6,2)?...

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