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The length of the shadow of a building is 120 meters, as shown below: building shadow 120 m what is the height of the building? (1 point)

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Sounds are how we perceive pressure waves in the air. the note f-sharp, more than 3 octaves above the note 'middle c', is a sound wave with an ordinary frequency* f=3960 hertz or cycles/sec. model this note with the sine function, assuming that the amplitude is 1 and the phase shift is 0.
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About 250,000 people of a certain community live in the country. of that number 73,920 live in state a and b. the number of people of that community in state b is 12,480 more than three times the number in state a. how many people of that community live in each state?
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If f(x) = 3x2 - 2x+4 and g(x) = 5x + 6x - 8, find (f-g)(x).
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Kevin has a spinner that has 10 equal sections and 2 sections of each color—red, blue, green, yellow, and purple. kevin spins the spinner 180 times. kevin determines about how many times the spinner will land on red or green, and his work is shown below. -kevin has the formula reversed; it should be the total number of sections over the number of red or green sections. -kevin should have used a 4 in the numerator because there are 2 red sections and 2 green sections. -kevin should multiply by the number of sections in the spinner rather than the total number of spins. -kevin calculated the prediction correctly and did not make any mistakes.
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The length of the shadow of a building is 120 meters, as shown below: building shadow 120 m what is...

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