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X+y ≥20 x≤2y a) (0,22) b) (7,11) c) ( 15,6) d) (10,10) e) (12,5) f) (8,16)

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Plz a. s. a. p. the table shows the number of male and female contestants who did not win a prize. what is the probability that a randomly selected contestant won a prize, given that the contestant was female? write the probability as a percent. round to the neares tenth, if needed.
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What number line represents the solution set for the inequality -1/2 greater than or equal to 4
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Predict which statements are true about the intervals of the continuous function. check all that apply
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X+y ≥20 x≤2y a) (0,22) b) (7,11) c) ( 15,6) d) (10,10) e) (12,5) f) (8,16)...

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