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Let x = a + bi and y = c + di and z = f + gi. which statements are true?

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What is the volume of this square pyramid?
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Imogene invested $8,000 in a bank account that pays 8 percent simple interest at the end of each year. her friend invested the same amount in stocks where the growth of the investment is represented as 2,000 times the square root of 2 less than the time lapsed in years. if y1 and y2 represent the amount earned in dollars and t is the time lapsed in years, which system of equations correctly represents the situation?
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Henry is an avid reader, he devours 90 pages in half an hour how many pages has henry read per minute?
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Oscar and julie ashton are celebrating their 15th anniversary by having a reception hall. they have budgeted $4,500 for their reception. if the reception hall charges a $90 cleanup fee plus & 36 per person, find the greatest number of people that they may invite and still stay within their budget.
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Let x = a + bi and y = c + di and z = f + gi. which statements are true?...

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