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Use the x-intercept method to find all real solutions of the equation. x^3-10x^2+27x-18=0

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There are several unique characteristics of qualitative research that make it distinct from quantitative research. describe the aspects of qualitative research and the elements of design that contribute to the rigor of the work. what actions of the researcher can compromise the integrity of the findings?
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An assembly consists of two mechanical components. suppose that the probabilities that the first and second components meet specifications are 0.87 and 0.84. assume that the components are independent. determine the probability mass function of the number of components in the assembly that meet specifications. x
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Scott is a revenue manger in a 600 room hotel. for tomorrow he forecasts that 10 rooms will be ooo and that there will be 80 stayovers with 300 arrivals. he also forecasts 30 no-shows, 10 early departures and 20 over-stays. what is scott s forecast for the number of rooms occupied tomorrow?
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The table below shows the height of a ball  x  seconds after being kicked.  what values, rounded to the nearest whole number, complete the quadratic regression equation that models the data? f(x)  =  x2  +  x  +  0based on the regression equation and rounded to the nearest whole number, what is the estimated height after 0.25 seconds?   feet​
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Use the x-intercept method to find all real solutions of the equation. x^3-10x^2+27x-18=0...

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