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6x-2y=-6 find the slope and the y intercept of the line

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Autility company burns coal to generate electricity. the cost c(p), (in dollars) of removing p percent of the some stack pollutants is given by c(p)= 85000p/100-p a) find the cost to remove 30% of the pollutant b) find where the function is undefined
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How is the number of vertices for a prism related to the name of the prism
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17. a researcher measures three variables, x, y, and z for each individual in a sample of n = 20. the pearson correlations for this sample are rxy = 0.6, rxz = 0.4, and ryz = 0.7. a. find the partial correlation between x and y, holding z constant. b. find the partial correlation between x and z, holding y constant. (hint: simply switch the labels for the variables y and z to correspond with the labels in the equation.) gravetter, frederick j. statistics for the behavioral sciences (p. 526). cengage learning. kindle edition.
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Can someone me with these two circle theorem questions asap?
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6x-2y=-6 find the slope and the y intercept of the line...

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