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Use variation of parameters to find a particular solution of y"−y = 1/ e^x+e^−x

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4. find the general solution to 7 ((2-1)+4ty +2y+1 (do variation of parameters and show given that the complementary solution is ye(t) work.) +
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T^2 and y2(t) given y1(t) 1 satisfy the corresponding homogeneous equation of = t ty''- 2y = 2t t, t> 0 then the general solution to the non-homogeneous equation can be written as y(t) c1y1 (t)c2y2(t) + yp(t) use variation of parameters to find yp(t). [hint: don't forget to write the differential equation in the appropriate form before going through the variation of parameters system of equations] у» (0) - preview
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Find a particular solution to y"−y' + y = 2sin(3x) use variation of parameters to determine a particular solution
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Use variation parameters to find a general solution to the differential equation given that the function y1 and y2 are linearly independent solution ty''-(t+1)y'+y=t^2; y1=e^t, y2=t+1
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Use variation of parameters to find a particular solution of y"−y = 1/ e^x+e^−x...

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