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Kilgore’s Deli is a small delicatessen located near a major university. Kilgore’s does a large walk-in carry-out lunch business. The deli offers two luncheon chili specials, Wimpy and Dial 911. At the beginning of the day, Kilgore needs to decide how much of each special to make (he always sells out of whatever he makes). The profit on one serving of Wimpy is $.45, on one serving of Dial 911, $.58. Each serving of Wimpy requires .25 pound of beef, .25 cup of onions, and 5 ounces of Kilgore’s special sauce. Each serving of Dial 911 requires .25 pound of beef, .4 cup of onions, 2 ounces of Kilgore’ s special sauce, and 5 ounces of hot sauce. Today, Kilgore has 20 pounds of beef, 15 cups of onions, 88 ounces of Kilgore’s special sauce, and 60 ounces of hot sauce on hand. a. Develop a linear programming model that will tell Kilgore how many servings of Wimpy and Dial 911 to make in order to maximize his profit today. b. Find an optimal solution. c. What is the shadow price for speci

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Jamie went to home depot. she bought 25 bags of soil that cost $9 per bag. she bought 15 pots at $8 each, and she bought 23 bags of pebbles at $15 each. she used a coupon that gave her $5 off for every 100 dollars she spent. how much did jame pay at the end?
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Kilgore’s Deli is a small delicatessen located near a major university. Kilgore’s does a large walk-...

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